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This website deals with information about holiday trips to explore the island of Bali in Indonesia with all its particularities in a comprehensive way promoted by "Bali Essential", a local travel agent on the Island. In so doing, we just start with a simple philosophy, that is, "each traveler is unique and his traveling satisfaction is absolutely a result of fulfilling his expectations." This thought has strongly pushed us to create and offer an alternative holiday package through a "tailor-made trip itinerary" based on "what you need and what you prefer to do on the spot". As the first local agent that offers this type of holiday package, we are pleased to invite you to explore the uniqueness of our paradise Island called "Bali" compared with other destinations in South East Asia and to uncover the secret of how modernity is mingled up with local culture and traditions into a perfect assimilation bearing on life harmony among Balinese people.

Through this website, we hope you would get an in-depth insight into various awe-inspiring features of this destination as well as various options of holiday activities that may hold your interest or meet your holiday plans. You can request a free quote of your travel plan to Bali by filling out our questionnaire. Within an appropriate time, we will reply your request with a more personalized travel program designed according to your own preference.

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