Tailor-Made BALI Trips



Only you know what trip you are dreaming of. So get in touch and design it directly with local experts. We create unique and unforgettable experiences, just for you.


It has been seven years since we received our very first clients that we took care of by our own from beginning till the end of their vacation in Bali. As a local travel agency, we have got the cheek to break out the tradition in which most of the travel organizations and tour operators are still proud of holding and offering conventional all inclusive travel packages featuring notably huge five star hotels in sterilized luxury resorts.


However, we design our trip vacation program in different fashion. Our main concern is focused on your centre of interest. This is what we call Tailor-Made Trip or Custom Trip Design where adjustment of some vacation elements to your personal interest is our priority in order to meet your expectation and personal style. This would, therefore, allow you to move on at your own pace – leave at your convenient time, stay in the hotels that fit your criteria and your budget, visit your favorite places, and do the activities that you like best.


This website is to provide you an overview into some essential features of Bali as a holiday destination as well as our various options of activity that may hold your interest. You can request a free quote of your trip plans by filling out our form. Within an appropriate time, we will reply your request and come to you with a more customized trip itinerary adjusted to your interest and preference. 


Stay on Gili Island for a couple of days for relaxing , snorkeling or scuba diving

Very famous for its glorious white sandy beaches soaked with shiny warm aquamarine waters and surrounded by healthy colorful coral reefs housing various species of tropical fish, Gili Islands get the reputation as one of the favorit destinations in Indonesia that could make a dream vacation to come true. 

Go and stay in Nusa Lembongan to end your vacations after having discovered the island of Bali and before catching your flight

To enjoy the rest of your vacation in Bali especially after a tour around Bali while having an escape into a peaceful atmosphere in a typical rural charms away from touristic whirlwinds, you could go to Nusa Lembongan, a small intact island off the southeast coast of Bali mainland.  

Get away for a little moment from the bustling atmosphere to East Java for hiking in the heart of Kawah Ijen volcano for a spectacular view of its crater

Known as one of the natural miracles on earth that may bring out various travelogues from those who have gone through it, Kawah Ijen is now regularly visited thanks to its advantages suh as easy access, acidic aquamarine lake, sulfur mining labours and stunning surrounding scenery.