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Charming Hotel of Average Category

In Bali, the accommodation and hotels of this category are numerous and quite heterogeneous. Yet, they have much in common – located in a privileged setting like beachfront, by the rice fields and other nice places overlooking beautiful view, decorated in a simple manner but with aesthetic taste, equipped with at least one swimming pool except those in the mountain, composed of about 20 rooms with each having a private terrace. The whole setting and atmosphere are nice and enjoyable, and the service quality and the staffs are very friendly and professional. So, this is the type of accommodation that can bring to you another experience from your holidays.

Below, you can find our selection of average-category hotels and accommodation in different places and stopovers around Bali. 


In the South of Bali

A small intimate hotel in a vast lush garden situated in the southern peninsula, a place little known to most of the tourists visiting Bali, just five minute walk from the white-sand-surfing beach of Balangan. This hotel property is composed of fairly typical bungalows built with natural materials, mainly with bamboo and thatch roof with bathroom opened outside. Inspired by traditional architecture, it uses a lot of raw wood but roughly trimmed. This hotel has a small restaurant specializing in Mediterranean and Indonesian cuisine, a swimming pool very relaxing and massage services and spa. Hotel : ACFB. To learn more, click here !

A charming and comfortable hotel in the south of Bali, just 5 minutes to Jimbaran beach where you can find a great number of small seafood restaurants along the beach, and only 15 minutes to the international airport of Denpasar. It is a good place to begin exploring the charm of Balinese culture, or to end your holidays before flying back. The hotel is built in a Balinese style in a lush garden – very clean and spacious rooms equipped with minibar, air condition, western style bathroom with hot and cool water, one big swimming pool, nice restaurant with local and international menus, massage and spa, internet access, free shuttle to go to Kuta.Hotel : ACPB. To learn more, click here !

A small cosy hotel very much in demand, conveniently located in a large lush garden between Legian and Seminyak, only five minute walk from Kuta beach. This hotel exceeds all expectations: a very cozy and intimate, very lovely staff, impeccable hospitality, very clean and spacious rooms equipped with television and western style bathroom with hot and cool water, nice big swimming pool and very close to everything - shops, restaurants and other attractions of the town. With all its qualities, this hotel gives you immediately a feeling of being close to the country and very ideal to start experiencing Bali or to rest before capturing your flight. Hotel : ACKH. To learn more, click here !

A small charming hotel located just in the heart of Sanur offers a number of spacious and comfortable rooms equipped with a balcony, air condition, mini bar, television, telephone, indoor bathroom with hot and cool water and a beautiful and refreshing swimming pool. All rooms are set in a lush tranquil garden. It also has a nice little restaurant specializing in local and international cuisine with friendly staffs. Located just in the center of tourist resort of Sanur, it is certainly close to everything, shops, restaurants and other vivacity. Nice place to start the discovery of Bali or to end the holidays.Hotel : ACPS. To learn more, click here !

In the Region of Central West

A small hotel located away from the bustle of mass tourism at the bottom of a small traditional village offers a wide range of nice accommodation with familial atmosphere – villas, private bungalows with terrace, and nice rooms of standard category. Held by a man from a royal family of the region, the whole complex of the hotel resembles a royal house – ceremonial and music hall, entertainment stage, library, restaurant, swimming pool overlooking rice paddies, garden that blends into the neighboring rice fields. Everything is prepared in order to stay peacefully. Hotel : ACPT. To see more photos, click here !

In the South West Coast

This small intimate hotel is composed of only 5 typical bungalows set in a lush tropical garden within the environment of authentic nature nearby Indian Ocean in the southwest coast of Bali. This little hotel property is away from the harassment of tourism in the South. All the rooms are decorated with full of taste of the owner to bring you different sensation. So, staying in this place will make you feel easy, just like at your own home, very relaxing, simple, but enjoyable. Besides, the stuffs are very friendly. Here you also can enjoy various Indonesian and Mediterranean cuisines... Hotel : ACPP. To learn more, click here !

In the Northwest Coast

Elegant and charming hotel set in a flowering garden between sea and mountain offers you a pleasant and quality accommodation. This is a new property to fulfill the expectation of those who are in search of comfort, tranquility, and simplicity. Composed of several modern bungalows with terrace and outdoor bathroom in a lust garden by the seashore, you will feel immediately a real comfort and relaxation, lying on a long chair by the pool or on the beach. Two swimming pools and one nice restaurant directly on the beach and friendly staffs are more than enough to make you feel good. Hotel : ACAA. To learn more, click here !

A pleasant and charming hotel disposes about ten excellent standard rooms set in a lush garden by the grey sandy beach. They are equipped with air conditioning, mosquito net, television set, indoor bathroom with hot water, and a small terrace in front of every room. The situation is very quite with a pleasant atmosphere. A beautiful swimming pool overlooking the beach really offers a good sight with beautiful chain of mountains in the background. Next to the swimming pool is a nice restaurant specializing in local and international foods with friendly and servable staffs. Hotel : ACAB. To learn more, click here !

In Lovina - North Coast

A small hotel of typical construction directly built on the beach in the north coast offers very nice accommodation ranging from very superior rooms, bungalows and villas with decoration and thatched roof. Set in a big lush garden a little bit away from the bustling traffic of the main road, this place is a haven of peace, very ideal for those seeking for serenity and harmony. This hotel is equipped with swimming pool overlooking the beach, good restaurant, bar which are all animated by very nice and helpful staffs, and everything is planned to live in peace and comfort. Hotel : ACAL. To learn more, click here !

In the Mountain Region of Centralwest

Located in the heart of the mountain village and surrounded by clove plantation, this guest house is run by the family of the former village teacher. Built in colonial style, this small family guest house offers a number of rooms with simple comfort but very clean and well maintained, indoor bathroom with hot water. There is no air conditioning because the mountain climate is very mild. In the courtyard of the house are planted several varieties of flowers (hydrangeas, orchids ...). Hotel : ACGR. To learn more, click here !

More than a simple bed and breakfast accommodation, this guest house located in the middle of the mountain village offers its own charm and intimateness – run by a family of the village, colonial style houses overlooking the village and surrounded by lush clove plantation, and inside bathroom with hot water. Each room has its own terrace where you can enjoy the nice view of the surroundings and the rice paddies down in the valley. By the clear weather, the sunset in the western horizon is wonderful. Hotel : ACMS. To learn more, click here.

Conveniently located at the height of the village and overlooking the massive valley of rice fields and clove and coffee plantations, this guest house accommodation provides really an exceptional view from the room or from the terrace. The rooms are clean and equipped with modern facilities: television set, CD / DVD player, mini bar, inside bathroom with hot water and a private balcony with a breathtaking view. The restaurant where you can take your breakfast is set on the top roof overlooking everything. If you have a good camera, it is an ideal place to shoot the rice fields and layer the sun. Hotel : ACPA. To learn more, click here !

In the Northeast Coast

An intimate small size hotel set on the slope of a hill and overlooking the sea offers an excellent accommodation of its class. This property constitutes a haven of peace for those in search of tranquility and simplicity. Composed of a small number of spacious rooms equipped with air condition, television set, indoor bathroom with hot water, and seaview, you will find yourself immediately in a perfect comfort within a simple accommodation. Two swimming pools located directly on the beach give you another reason not go elsewhere. Hotel : ACPW. To learn more, click here.

A small eco hotel on the seafront on the north coast offers a number of rooms with a simple comfort but very clean and equipped with air condition or fan, indoor bathroom with hot water, two beautiful swimming pools and a good restaurant. Being very close to the real village life and animated by friendly staffs, the atmosphere is totally intimate so that you can feel at home. More than a simple hotel, it is a veritable refuge of salt privileging the friendliness of a guest house. Natural beauty in an authentic environment is the highlight of this property. Hotel : ACHU. To learn more, click here !

In the Southeast Coast

An intimate hotel with an excellent reception is set in the midst of untouched environment almost unknown to most of the conventional tourists. Built on a large lush garden by the sea, this small accommodation is truly a haven of peace, away from everything. It is designed in a contemporary style having only a few furnished rooms with windows overlooking the garden, indoor bathroom and on the outside. There is also a refreshing swimming pool overlooking the sea vis-à-vis a dining room. This place is ideal for those seeking tranquility and simplicity. Hotel : ACKI. To learn more, click here.

The Region of Sidemen in the South East

Accommodation really secluded in the countryside, in the midst of rice fields, very relaxing and away from everything. The rooms are really splendid. Composed of three wooden bungalows arranged in a gorgeous structure, with a lovely terrace facing to the rice fields with the majestic mount Agung in the background, this accommodation offers excellent comfort and simplicity, upstairs bedroom with balcony and open-air bathroom. Breakfast is served in the terrace. So, it is a perfect escape in a untouched nature. Hotel : ACKT. To learn more, click here.

Hotel : ACSM. To learn more, click here.

Hotel : ACVC. To learn more, click here.

Around Ubud - Bali's Capital of Art

Featuring artwork and furniture created by artists and designers, this small intimate hotel is a rather tropical escape in the midst of bustling town, just in a ten minute-walk from central Ubud but quiet distant in terms of emotion and serenity. Set in a big lush garden and surrounded by authentic nature, this hotel offers 24 beautiful rooms equipped with air condition and fans, and a 22 yard swimming pool and spa. Certain rooms have cable/satellite TV. The other services include massage/spa, manicures/pedicures, 24 hour internet service... Hotel : ACDB. To learn more, click here.

A nice place of average category located right on the road of Monkey Forest in the midst of Ubud offers a number of beautiful rooms ranging from standard type to family suites, close to everything - shops and restaurants of all price, and just a few steps from Ubud center. All of the rooms are secluded backward in its lush garden with a peaceful atmosphere in the middle of the bustling town. Certainly it is equipped with all necessary comforts, hot water shower, air conditioning or fan, private terrace or balcony, pool, restaurant, free wifi, extra coffee or tea. Hotel : ACAC. To learn more, click here !

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