Activities and Discoveries Bali

Bali is more than just a postcard paradise. Despite its small size, it holds many beautiful places where you can do a great number of activities, whether they are sportive, cultural or leisure-related activities.

Whatever the activities you wish to do in Bali, they still allow you to explore the treasures of this small paradise : the nature particularly rich with lush tropical vegetations, friendly and welcoming people and colorful living culture and traditions full of aesthetic tastes. They also give you the opportunity to encounter and to have an interaction with the local people while observing their cultures, their traditions, and their way of life. All these explorations will give you the invaluable and authentic experiences as well as understanding of other civilization which, at the end of your stay, will occupy a special place in your memory and your mind, or perhaps can grow a sense of solidarity between people and nations.

Below are the types of activities you can do on the spot according to your wishes, each with a small description.



Cultural Activities