Bali : a unique tourist Destination

balinese pricession, bali ceremony, bali offering, bali tradition

"Island of the Gods," "The Last Paradise on Earth", "Island of Thousands of Temples”...! These are just a few of the epithets addressed to this small island. In fact, Bali has long been amazing the whole world as one of the most fascinating tourist destination in the world. It offers everything necessary for enjoyable and satisfactory holidays and travels. Displaying always fascinating as well as bewitching characteristics, Bali is above all a land of  tradition and spirituality. Today, thank to the development of various infrastructures including the improvement of transportation facilities and an international airport with the capacity to accommodate quite a number of international and domestic flights everyday, Bali is now a dream destination accessible to everyone, to any budget and from any part of the globe.

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bali offerings, bali tradition, bali ceremony

1.   Why Go to Bali ?


2.   Bali : A Strategic Portal of Indonesia

       a. A Glimspe of Indonesia

       b. Bali – Mosaic of the Indonesian Archipelago

       c. Bali in the Course of History


3.   Bali : Island of Exploring Everything

       a. Distinctive Way of Life

       b. Undying Artistic Manifestation

       c. A Great Diversity of Gastronomic Delights

       d. Places of Doing Everything

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