why should go to Bali ?

the uniqueness of balinese culture

Bali has long been recognized as one of the top-listed destinations in Southeast Asia region for a huge number of travelers ranging from simple small-budgeted backpackers, those on long-term trips to hippy-classed tourists on short-relaxing holidays. And why should choose Bali…? Beautiful beaches, splendid rice terraces, majestic mountains, friendly and easy-going people, incomparable art and culture... seem to have them coming back for more. Whatever the type of holidays you are on, listing the island of Bali on your itinerary  is always a good idea.


Here are a number of strong reasons for travelers all over the world coming to Bali.

  • An island with extraordinary cultural and artistic resources.

It is undeniable that the most outstanding traits that make Bali winning its reputation as unique and dream destination in the world are its culture and arts including its living tradition. Various Bali-made arts and handicrafts such as woodcarvings, paintings, furniture, jewelries and other artworks can be found nearly everywhere in the world. They are all worked manually by Balinese artists and craftsmen. This skill (and knowledge) is passed down from generation to generation for centuries, every artist masters absolutely his work. Every village and every region has its own specialty. Moreover, Balinese people are very proud of their art and culture and will be very happy to share their knowledge through short courses such as dancing class, cooking class, woodcarving class, etc. offered in most art villages on the island.

  • Strong and exceptional living traditions.

There is no other part of the world where culture, art, religion, and tradition go side by side in the daily life of its people. But in Bali, this is a normal daily sight every where on the island and there is no single day without offering and/or ceremony. An excellent example of this life can be found in Kuta, the most bustling tourist area in the south of Bali where there are unbelievable passage and buzz of vacationer everyday and every time. Nevertheless, the normal and traditional life of the local people goes on naturally, starting their daily activity by putting some offerings on their temple, in their shop, in their office, etc. Temple festival and ceremony, religious procession, prayer, rehearsal of traditional orchestra, etc. seem equally uninterrupted by the busy activities out there. For most of the tourist, it's an eye-catching as well as a big question – how they've been preserving all this ?

  • Incomparable friendly population

For most of the tourist coming to Bali, they find Balinese people as the most friendly and cheerful people in the world. With a calm and peaceful character, they are very opened and welcoming for whomsoever. In some tourist places, you may refuse frequently to buy their merchandises and yet they do not show you a disappointment and keep smiling or even ready to take some times to converse with you. This is also one thing that gives to the visitors another sense of comfort. 

  • Amazing sceneries of landscape

Bali is also very famous for the amazing beauty of its various landscapes ranging from paradisiacal beach to dry range of mountains. As you move further inland, abundance of luxuriant tropical vegetations, incredible rice terraces out of sight, lush coffee and clove plantations awaits you giving a peaceful countryside atmosphere. Down to the sea you will see white, golden, and black sandy beaches sometimes with pebbles and majestic coral reefs. Bali is really an island of paradise as well as gardens of Eden.

  • Countless tourism-related activities

In spite of its small size, Bali has quite a number of fabulous places to see and an abundance of activities to do. It offers you a huge number of choices ranging from sporty activities that require good physic endurance, cultural activities to the recreation and wellness that call for mind concentration only.  The popular activities that many people do while staying in Bali are trekking, hiking, biking, rafting, diving, snorkeling, surfing, golfing, cooking class, massage and spa, yoga and meditation, etc.   

  • Comfort

For several decades, Bali tourism has been growing rapidly, including the development and improvement of infrastructures. There are now various types of accommodation ranging from simple but clean home stay, small nice hotels, and villas to huge international hotels. For the provision of food and beverage there are countless restaurants, cafés, and bars everywhere on the island. In addition, it is easy to go outing for one day simple trip or two as there are a lot of Balinese who speak English fluently.

  • Unquestionable security

Security is another reason for many tourists to come to Bali. Despite such reputation was badly damaged by irresponsible terrorist attacks in 2002 and 2005, Bali is still much safer than most parts of the world. The quantity and the frequency of aggression and violence is hardly heard and even fight remains sketchy. This sense of security and well-being provide a real feeling of holidays.