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" Give Meaning to your Journeys While Exploring The Essentials of Bali "

Bali has indeed been very famous since very long times for its culture, art and its tradition. Its reputation is even far ahead of its geographical dimension. Nevertheless, one cannot be excessive either to see Bali of 1920’s or, due to the modernization, world-cosmopolitan liked Bali. This island must yet be viewed as a whole in its real, up-to-date condition.


The invasion of the global-era modernization has inevitably led Bali to move forward, looking for a new horizon yet corresponding to its own. As a result, new dichotomy has come up out of this phenomenon and they are closely attached to this island, namely, Bali Traditional vs. Bali Modern. However, the two should not be opposed to each other, yet combined and interwoven into one single entity. They should work hand in hand to generate and contribute to a more enriched and dynamic identity yet still deeply rooted to its origin, and this is what we term as the “Essentials of Bali today”


Bali is one of the few places in the world where modern life and traditional life go hand in hand and are complimentary to each other. Modernization is a means of broadening and enriching the existing local traditions, and tradition itself is a filter of the strong influx of modernization. The two need and feed each other in order not to fall down in the extreme point, neither as a living museum in the modern time nor be cultural liberalism.


The inclusion of Bali to one’s travel plans and itinerary is always a good idea. However, coming to Bali must involve the discovery of these two facets. Unless this travel plans are well prepared based on the good knowledge of the island, you will probably be disappointed of being exposed solely to the modern part and paradisiacal side of the island and missing its entire dimension.


We have taken into account of the need for discovering the island as a whole and have been thinking of the way how to explore it in a good proportion between seas/beaches, inland rice paddies, mountains and cultural sites beyond the tracks of mass tourism while having interaction with the local inhabitants along the way. If it is possible, too, it should not ignore the fabulous yet unavoidable places and the quality of the trips and holidays in general. 


Explore the Essentials of Bali

Explore the Essentials of Bali

Explore the Essentials of Bali
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