charming hotel


In order to meet your expectations related to the comfort of accommodation during your stay in Bali, we have selected quite a number of best charming hotels, guest houses and intimate home stays in each stopover around the island. We privilege the small hotel properties with typical architectural style and warm atmosphere that offer you a feeling of exoticism and confort. 


However, it is somewhat arduous for us to assign hotels to a certain category simply because there is no basic norms for doing so. Often the rooms in the same hotel are classified into different categories. Nevertheless, we have visited a great number of charming hotels on the island and attempted to classify them into several categories by taking account of some important aspects such as comfort, cleanliness, hospitality, service quality and special concern to the hotel surroundings.


Below you can see our hotel selections of different categories that you can choose

according to your taste


The accommodations that fall into this category are numerous and quite heterogeneous, yet they have much in common among others beautifully located on the beachfront or by the rice fields, simply decorated but with an esthetic taste and facility at least one swimming pool except those in the mountain.


This category of accommodation does not refer to specific hotel properties but rather to the type of room. They can be found in standard or superior category of accommodation. The quality is in-between the two : the room is bigger than the standard category, in form of bungalow/cottages with indoor or outdoor bathroom, …


Looking at the architectural style and the decoration installed, the hotels of this category are the essentials of all boutique hotels in Bali. They provide not only the comfort but it also arouses a special feeling between delightfulness and appeal, and situated in a special location and a pleasant surroundings.


The hotels of this type distinguish itself from any other hotel categories in Bali. The peculiarity includes not only the elegance of its architectural style and the high quality of the whole service but it gives impression that one stays in another world from the first time of arrival – it’s a great serenity.


On the map below you see hotel reference codes in different stopovers. Moreover, the location of the hotels in different areas on the island also gives you an overview on the trip and journeys around the island.

Hotel Location around the Island