Bali Luxury Bouthique Hotels


This type of hotel property is markedly distinctive from other hotel classification in Bali. The advantage lies not solely on the elegance of its architecture and its service quality but also on the fact that it arouses a different feeling from the first minute of the arrival in this environment. In general, they are not big, more or less than 20 rooms yet maintain the charming aspect and the comforts. Other particularities associated with this type of hotel involve the beautiful location on the edge of rice fields or by the sea and the equilibrium of its architectural elements with the surrounding environments.


Below you can find our selection of luxury class hotel in different places along the route of our roundtrip around Bali.



A small luxurious hotel with great comforts situated in the heart of Jimbaran, about 20 minutes from international airport Denpasar and 5 minutes the big white sandy beach. This hotel is designed in a colonial style house on a secluded garden of coconut trees and bougainvillea away from the bustling traffics of the tourist road. Every detail is highly refined and very well considered to create a magic and enchanting atmosphere, blending some ethnic elements into it. The secluded location under the lush vegetations makes the whole situation so calm and quiet while enjoying the swimming pool. It’s really an ideal place to relax from the traveling fatigue. Hotel : LCTS. Learn more !.

Hotel : LCWM. Learn more !


Admirably situated in the midst of rice fields by the Indian Ocean on the southwest coast of Bali, this property is really magical, the only hotel on the spot and full of serenity, and only the sound of nature and the sea comes to your ears. The sunlight and the sea breeze, the charm of the rice paddies and the haziness of laughter of the local young children who play kites immediately give you total relaxation. All of the bungalows privilege natural color and “back to nature” architecture with selected and fine decoration as well as a wooden outdoor terrace. Every detail is perfectly highlighted to create comfortable, harmonious and exotic atmosphere. Hotel : LCWG. Learn more !.


Perfectly situated on a vast grassy garden between sea in front and mountains in the back, this hotel is really a fantastic place. The charm of the lush garden, the softness of the sea breeze and the beauty of Balinese architecture give you immediately an emotion of peace, luxury, harmony with a strong spiritual vibration. Composed of several bungalows and villas with a typical Balinese style built with the ecological concept and the local wisdom, this property is a reflection of luxury yet very harmonious with the surrounding environments. Quiet, serene and immediately connected to nature and spirituality.Hotel : LCVA. Learn more !.


A small intimate charming hotel in the midst of rice fields on the slope of mount Agung, the most sacred volcano in Bali, with a breathtaking view of green lush valley, this small property combines the relaxing atmosphere of a guest house to high class of hotel services. It is really a paradise lost in the secluded and authentic nature, very ideal for relaxation, contemplation and inner journey. In this special place, you will be welcomed as friend and invited guest rather than tourist so as to enjoy all the different and original experience.Hotel : LCSS. Learn more !.


This small hotel brings you immediately upon your arrival a feeling of calm, luxury and pleasure. Composed of several luxury villas that are harmoniously set in a lush garden just on the outskirts of the town of Ubud, this place is a haven of peace, quiet and amazing. No noise should disturb your ears except the nature. No question anymore about the quality of the room : huge, refined decoration, outdoor bathroom, large terrace, great views and very friendly and helpful staff. Just 20 minute walk from the center town of Ubud, and there is free shuttle at your convenience. 

                                               HC : LCAS. Learn more !


A small property specially designed to be a different resort, coconut trees of beauty and tranquility in the heart of rice fields, just a couple of minutes from downtown of Ubud. This hotel comprises several bungalows and villas with royal comforts, a private pool and stunning view on the rice fields. Each room is equipped with very selected decoration of high taste and services of good quality, free shuttle to Ubud. Very intimate and quiet, this place is an escape from the bustling of the modern world, away from television, radio or even away from telephone if you want. 

        HC : LCWU. Learn more !


Located in the heart of Ubud and on the edge of rice paddies and lush tropical vegetation, this hotel is an oasis of peace and tranquility in the vibrancy of Ubud, very close to all and very ideal for those who wish to explore the Balinese culture. This hotel will charm you from your arrival until your departure. The rooms are set in bungalow and villas with private pool, all rooms are really luxurious with a beautiful décor in Balinese style. Guest reception is perfect; stuffs are very friendly, professional and helpful,  just making you feel very close to the local environment. Nothing more to say except “excellent”.  

                                               HC : LCKM. Learn more !


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