Escape to "Kawah Ijen" Volcano in East Java

Kawah Ijen volcano in East Java

The volcano of “Kawah Ijen” is one of the most spectacular strato volcanoes located at the eastern tip of Java island and culminating at 2300 meters above the sea level. It is in the form of a huge crater that occupies an area of 140 km2, most of which is covered with coffee plantations, especially in the western part of the crater. Although it looks quite at the moment, the volcano is in fact still active and sometimes very dangerous and spitting some toxic gas. The other neighboring volcanoes nearby are Merapi volcano (2800 meters), Mount Raung (3320 meters) and Mount Suket (2950 meters). 


The main interest of the volcano "Kawah Ijen" is in the spectacular of its turquoise-color lake crater which containes a huge reserve of natural volcanic sulfur  and is considered as the most acidic in the world. This is the main center of sulfur exploitation  throughout Indonesia with total production of 4 to 5 tons of sulfur per day, and the bulk is used, among other things,  for refining sugar and the manufacture of matches.


To retrieve the sulfur, there are quite a number of sulfur miners who work and collect it in the crater as well as bring it by means of a pairs of simple baskets. These people have to cover a distance of approximately 10 km everyday with a burden between 80 – 90 kg on their shoulders or sometimes more. 


The volcano of Kawah Ijen is particularly known overseas, in particular among the French tourists, thanks to Nicolas Hulot's emission which publicized this natural wonder. Although quite a few Indonesian people do hiking there during a weekend, this region which actually belongs to national natural reserve is not yet exploited, and the tourist infrastructure is thus restricted to a minimum.


Visiting the volcano of  Kawah Ijen can be of a unique experience. A part from the spectacular view of the volcano itself, this place also offers a great stroll in the middle of the coffee plantation and the luxuriant tropical vegetations. On the slope of the Ijen plateau facing the east coast of Java, you can see very clearly the island of Bali, a splendid landscape with sublime rice fields, clove tree plantations,  and some small villages scattered almost everywhere.


Would you like to go to Kawah Ijen in East Java ?

Leaving from Bali to go to the volcano of Kawah Ijen, it will take approximately 6 to 7 hour drive in which an hour is spent to cross the Bali strait with ferry. If you would like to include this region in your trip plan while enjoying a proportional exploration and discovery of Bali, you have to provide at least 2 weeks on your holiday plan. However, before you start rumbling in the morning of the next day, we will take you to stop at one of our hotel partners in East Java. If you would like to get more information about this trip, please contact us by e-mail.

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