Nusa Lembongan - the Island of seaweed Farmers

For the purpose of relaxing at the end of your holidays in a hideaway with a more peaceful insular atmosphere after having done a long trip around Bali, you can spend a couple of days in a small nearby Island of Nusa Lembongan while encountering the local inhabitants in their original daily life and enjoying the remarkable panoramas. Situated off the southeast coast of Bali where you can see a wonderful view of the volcanic chains on its sister island bordering the coast line of Bali, this tiny island offers really beautiful places of typically tropical paradise. White sandy beaches with blue clear water, unspoiled and rich diving and snorkeling sites, traditional insular villages, lush green mangrove forests and friendly population are among the outstanding and attracting persona of this islet. It is a place that lends itself for a quiet and peaceful exploration beyond the invasion of mass tourism.

The island has a diminutive size with a total area of 61.5 km² inhabited by 5,000 people. They are all Hindu Balinese and afford their life by fishing, small-scale agriculture (corn, peanuts and cassava), and seaweed farming. Over the last fifteen years the letter has become their source of income where the products are exported to Japan, China, Nederland, and America.

Nusa Lembongan, "an island without cars," is nowadays a favorite gateaway near Bali attracting surfers, sea divers, snorkellers, backpackers, and recreation lovers while enjoying the modern infratsructuresprovided by the foreign investors of tourism..

Despite the various restless front around the island such as the fishermen's boats, seaweed farmers,surfers, cruising yachts, the high-powered speed boats of 'advanture trip' taking advantage of its turquoise waters, yet there are still quite a few hideaways behind and a refuge where its people have been able to maintain their typical pace of insular life of seaweed farming and know how to preserve their living environment – a peaceful coastline of white coves and mangrove-fringed bays.

A number of possible activities can be carried out in Nusa Lembongan such as relaxing, various marine sports to explore the splendid underwater life (scuba dive and snorkeling), hiking or biking to visit some interesting sites in the village and sailing on a traditional boat in the afternoon to admire the beautiful sunset from the sea.

It is possible to walk around the island of Nusa Lembongan in a half day, and it's actually a beautiful walk enriched by superb views simply to enjoy the beautiful sites within a couple of hours. It takes over two hours to walk around the island or one hour by bike. It will takes a bit longer if you take the time to visit some interesting places there. Starting from the village of Jungutbatu, you go to the south or right on the main road leading to the picturesque village of Lembongan where you will see a huge Banyan tree and its many temples. From there, go down to the bridge to Nusa Ceningan, you can stop at the underground house built between 1961 and 1976 by the village priest, Made Byasa. And then you turn right to the south at the entrance of Lembongan village, you will find yourself getting to the Dream Beach ... The landscape is simply breathtaking !



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