About Us : Who are we ?




Bali Essential is a local travel agent created mainly to provide an alternative and customized travel package to explore Bali Island and Beyond with a professional and excellent service for those who have got bored to travel in a conventional way. Instead of offering a stay in one single hotel resort and tours in groups, our travel package is personalized and individual, as opposed to mass tourism, offering a real experience and total exploration of this everlasting magic island in a “Bali Circuit Trip.” By this trip, you will pass by different stopovers, stay in small charming hotels, and escape from the bustling tourist places into the remote areas and small villages to discover the real life situation of the country and its people. This trip will be particularly enjoyable by the presence of our nice and communicative tour guide next to you every time you need him.

A Glimpse of our Experiences

In the late of 1988 just after finishing our study, we commenced taking our initial step in tourism by working in some local travel agents in Bali as freelance tour guide to escort English and French speaking travelers. Over 10 years we had devoted most of the time to take care of the “classical tourists” doing the sedentary stays in big five star hotels. From time to time we have been preoccupied by the daily activities that we found as ‘typical mass tourism’, that is, picking up the guests in several big hotels and then join them with other group in seat in coach (big bus) for a day trip along the touristic roads and sites crammed with tourists.


This routine has gradually made us aware of the lack of "choice" offered to the travelers either in terms of traveling methods by the tour operators overseas or the variety and quality of the trips organized by local travel agents. Everything seems to have been designed and imposed in such a way that the visitors see and discover only the paradise part of the island and enjoy the luxurious infrastructures that do not reflect the real life of the country. As a result, many travelers left the island with a certain disappointment and frustration gripping that "Bali is threatened by mass tourism ..., Bali is not like what one imagines, Bali is up for sale” These visitors were unaware that they had missed out or had been turned away from the great treasures of the island with all its complexities and peculiarities. Learning from this problem, we have decided to dig up “something unusual” that may be offered to ‘the future travelers’.

Our Decision and Commitment

Being aware of the limited offers of the traveling modes available to the travelers, we have decided to create our own travel organization. We would like to share with you what we have observed and collected from our experiences over the years as well as our love for our country by offering you an “innovative model of traveling and trips”, that is, a tailor made travel and tailored individual trips around the island. We offer a personalized travel and trips as well as personal preference-based accommodations. It is also about the equilibrium of discovery and exploration of the island between the seas, mountains, rice paddies, and cultural sites escorted by experienced and professional tour guide away from the mass influx of tourists without missing out the fabulous places of interest. We are committed to make your stay a unique and unforgettable experience.

Our Decision and Commitment

The current advancement of the communication technology such as the media of internet is really incredible. It makes every corner of the globe join together out of the time and space dimension. Nevertheless, we realize that there are bad persons and good persons behind the millions of websites in the internet, and therefore it is not easy to give one’s trust to an organization of thousands of miles away in spite of the intense communication made via the Internet

In order to anticipate
 your fear and hesitation against undesirable problems that may happen during your holidays, especially those who travel so far away for the first time, we have created an association in France called " Bali Essential Association." It is a non-profit association based on the French law of 1901, the purpose of which are as follows:

  • To secure your travel and holidays to Bali through the Organization of Bali Essential.
  • To promote and develop cultural value-added tourism between Bali and other countries all over the world.
  • To permit the local service providers to be designers as well as actors playing an active role and mapping out your travel and holidays plan in Bali. 
  • To provide the travelers with more alternatives in traveling model and a freedom to realize their dreams according to their own preference in every aspect of their holidays (accommodations, touristic activities, tours and trips, etc.).


In addition, for those who live in French-speaking countries in Europe, they can easily contact our Association in order to get more information related to our organization of ‘Bali Essential’ in Bali Indonesia before proceeding any further to realize their travel and holidays plan with us.  In case they want to confirm and to book with us a traveling program they have agreed, it is enough for them to do a simple initial procedure in France.