“  The only true voyage of discovery, …, would be not to visit strange lands but to possess other eyes, to behold the universe through the eyes of another, …”  C. K. Moncrief

Bali Tailor-Made Trips - Bali trip packages

This section aims to highlight the basic principles animating our organization framework as well as to introduce all of the personals of our teamwork with their own professional background. This is to emphasize our ‘distinctiveness’ amongst thousands or even millions of websites about Bali in the internet and to elaborate on the way how we look at the tourism as a means of promoting sustainable territorial development. We hope this information could probably bring about interest and curiosity on your part to take the path of exploration into the island with us.

À Propos de Bali Essentiel
  • We have long-year working experiences in the field of tourism and particularly in the travel industry, that is, since the beginning of mass tourism development in Bali.

  • We are strongly committed to share with you our love of our country, of our culture and tradition and our way of life.

  • For those who live in some French speaking countries, you travel safely and feel secure going with us because we have a contact person and a legal association in France that you can contact directly by phone whenever you want.

  • Our teamwork is only composed of experienced tour guides with at least a 15 year working experience in the travel industry and therefore being undoubtedly knowledgeable in the field and in terms of explanations in Balinese culture and tradition.

alternative tourism and fair travel
  • In our teamwork, we have shared an alternative vision of tourism and a different approach to travel activities particularly in Bali based on the travelers’ tendencies over these recent years.

  • You have the opportunity to pass through a “fair-traveling”, that is, a traveling activities that is done directly with the local organizer without any intermediate which costs more expensive in your travel budget.

  • All of the services and activities you wish to do during your holidays in Bali are prepared on the spot manually and as detailed as possible by the local providers.

  • Certain services that we offer to you could be unfamiliar to conventional tour operators in your country, though sometimes they claim themselves as travel specialists for Bali or Indonesia.

  • In order to come into your expectations, we offer you an alternative and ‘tailor-made trip package’, that is, a trip programme that is designed based on your own choices and your personal interests in every aspect of your vacation (accommodations, trips, visits, etc).

  • We guarantee you a smooth running of your trip vacations with an outstanding quality of services, hospitality, and professionalism.

  • The price that we offer is not the most expensive nor the cheapest one but " well worth the money " which is calculated at the fairest price according to the range of services demanded.

  • For the sake of controlling the quality of our services, we have to limit our capacity to accept the clients even in high season period (from July until September).