" We dare to be different even if it doesn′t look promising at first "
- Tony Payne

It is very important for us to inform you that our travel program offered to you is “tailor-made travel package" designed manually by us, not by software of some kind that sends you an automatic answer. This tailored travel program is particularly addressed to those who are really interested in our travel package.


  • Unique and personnalized Travel Program for each Request.

Unlike the conventional travel organizations whose travel packages are already prepared in advance and offered in the same way to everyone, our offer is completely different. We design a travel program that is really personalized and customized for each request. Our philosophy is very simple, that is, "each traveler is unique," everyone has a wish to realize his dream during his vacations, whether it is about his favorite accommodation, his favorite activities, the way how his trips are organized, where he wants to focus his stay, etc. We consider all these aspects of trip vacations so that the program suits what he expects from his holidays and his traveling activities. How to do that? 


In order to better respond to your wish and expectations, we invite you to complete our questionnaire particularly designed to find out in detail about your expectations : what you want to have, what you want to do during your holidays. These will cover a number of things such as length of stay, hotel category, favorite activities, tour organization, the focus of your stay, including the budget you may have allocated for your holidays. From this information, we then proceed to the design of your travel program and travel estimate. This proposal is not necessarily fixed but you can still refine it according to your wishes over time until it suits best your wishes and expectations. Besides, we also serve as "consultant" giving you advice and opinions in case there is disagreement between duration of your stay and your desire to do certain things or to go to somewhere else. The result of all this process is a personalized and exclusive travel estimate full of privatization.


Through this approach, your request is treated personally and your travel program is organized individually, not with other group of travelers that you are not familiar. If it's a tour program, we organize it individually with a private tour guide and a private car. In our organization, we do not use a big bus or "seat in coach" (people of different groups are joined together in a big bus for a day trip) that was only popular about twenty years ago.
To be noticed that for this type of travel program, we respond to each request within 2 - 3 days in normal time. Nevertheless, we would like to exceed this time limit during the peak season between July and September. 


Quality is the main focus of all our attention that we control very carefully for every single service offered to our clients, no matter whether it is accommodation, tour guide, transport and the range of our tours/trips. We are aware of dealing with services, and it is only with quality that we can gain your trust, with quality we can keep your loyalty, and with quality, too, we can carry on doing something more effectively.


•    Quality charming Accommodations

Accommodation is a very important aspect of traveling that is closely related to the success of holidays. Nevertheless, quality accommodation is not always identical to the superior or deluxe hotel with all its modern facilities. For us, it does not matter whether it is a big five star hotelsmall hotelguest houselosmen or even home stay, but it must have a charm and appeal as well as the quality giving enjoyment and happiness to the people who stay in. Of course the type of accommodation like home stay’ has also its own amusement.  


Beside the charming part of the accommodation, we also give more priority in our hotel selection to the small hotel buildings with typical and original architectural style in an enjoyable and friendly surrounding atmosphere. A beautiful hotel setting is another strong point that we take into account, whether it is on the beach, on the edge of rice fields or other convenient locations overlooking a nice view. In addition, we prefer to use and put our clients in hotels or guesthouses run by the local people. Our reason for this is quite clear, that is, to give more opportunity to the local population in terms of economic fallout and to bring our clients closer to the local inhabitants for a better understanding of our island and our country.


    Professional Tour-Guides with Client-focused Orientation.

We have no doubt that your tour guide plays an important role to make your journeys successful on the spot. No matter how well your travel and holidays plan has been prepared in advance, but still the realization of all that relies on the professionalism, competence, and morality of your guide. With a presence of a good guide next to you, you have more opportunity to disclose and to learn quite a few things, new experience, and new information about the island that you have never thought before and will probably become strong memories in your heart. Although he is not a ‘superman’ who knows everything, but the presence of a guide knowing how to share information of his country with you, having a good will to listen to you on what you want to do or to have, and not imposing on you what to do is much more enjoyable on your journeys.


Our team of tour-guide is composed of professionals who have spent at least 15 years in the profession (see : “About Us”). In our organization, we have a good communication between us sharing experience and know-how, and fortunately they are all well oriented to the clients, to their wish and expectations and their personal pace in order to attain the ultimate goal of traveling, that is, satisfaction.  

•    Good and comfortable Transport.

To ensure your comfort and safety during the trips on the island, we prefer to use only comfortable and good condition vehicles regardless of the car brand. We are not very fond of a certain brand. However, as the climate and temperature in Indonesia are very tropical and warm during the day time, it is important that a transport be equipped with air condition. For the security belt, nearly all of the newly-built vehicles are now equipped with safety belt. Notice that in Bali like in other parts of Indonesia, the use of safety belt is still restricted to those sitting in the front (driver and the one next to him), while those in the back are not required. Nevertheless, as these safety equipments are provided, you can use then at your convenience.   


The tailor-made travel package that we propose to you is not an ordinary product but a real craft and skill-based work representing an object of all our attention and energy to weave your aspiration into your budget or vice verse. This work requires a good precaution, accuracy, and rapidity on our part. While the price  offered is not simply a sum of money but  it covers many things within it - the design and the booking of your stay, suggestions, accommodations, tour-guide / driver, private car, fuel costs, activities on the spot, etc.. The result expected from this process is a “fair tariff” and an excellent proportion of “price-quality” that leads into the traveling satisfaction.


To achieve this goalwe always consider some important aspects to fix the price your trip vacation : good price (price at the best value for money), the range and the type of services, transparency (which are or are not included in the priceto escape you from a nasty surprise and fair remuneration of our team).


Overall, our flat rates are set according to:

  • The length of your stay and trips on the spot,
  • The category of hotels demanded (average, upper-middlesuperior or deluxe),
  • The number of participants (the more the participants go on the trip, the less it costs you).
  • The frequency of tranfers and the means of transport between islands (by plane. by boat or by car )
  • The holiday season (high season - July to September,  low season - the rest ).
  • Children under 12 years will be charged about 50% from our adult rate.