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small properties of charming hotels in BALI

Accommodation is one of the most important factors in traveling that determines the success of holidays. A good and nice accommodation is a "must" but not necessarily a huge five-star hotel with  luxurious comforts and facilities. For us, it does not really matter whether it is a big star hotel, a small hotel, a villa, a guest house, or even a homestay, but more importantly  it must have some charming features that offers a comfort and an atmosphere that arouses delightful feelings to the people who stay in. Certainly, the type of accommodation such as 'homestay' has its own charm as well.


Bali small charming boutique hotels

Rather than big hotel resorts with hundreds of rooms, we privilege small hotel properties with typical architectural styles harmonious with its surroundings offering you a sense of exoticism and the presence of intimate and pleasant atmosphere. A beautiful setting and location of a hotel is also another advantage, whether it is on the seashore, on the edge of rice fields or other convenient locations overlooking beautiful sceneries. In addition, we take you more frequently to stay in the hotels or guesthouses run by the local people to give more opportunities to the local service providers to take part in the provision of tourism-related services in one hand, and to enable you staying more closely to our country and our people on the other, hoping that there will be an interaction of some kind taking place between you and the local people, so that you apprehend better our country, our culture and our life.

Bali family homestay, guest hous in Bali, Bali Essential

Staying in a Balinese family house compound is a unique experience that allows you to discover the authentic side of the country as well as to have natural and warm exchanges with the inhabitants of the island. Over the last few years, there have been more and more guests in search of this type of guesthouse. In certain tourist places such as Ubud, Kuta and the others, it may be easier to find rooms in a family homestay. However, it is not really the case in the villages away from the bustling of the mass tourism. Here you can observe the real everyday life of the villagers, eat together with the family and participate in the daily activities of the family such as, cooking the food, making offerings, going for a walk around the village while taking a look at the villagers at work in their rice fields, and the others.

Bali villas, bouthique hotels in Bali, Bali Essential

Villas in Bali is a new trend of holiday accommodation since recent years offering especially the ultimate luxury and solitude. This is a good alternative deviation for accommodation at the hotel. Characterized by a more spacious dwelling with all the riches of decoration set up, most are often independent of additional options for catering in the villa. More than just a place to sleep, the villas are designed to be a sumptuous home with outdoor spaces, a private pool and dedicated staff serving your needs. Villas in Bali have high-end services on a more exclusive basis to ensure a more intimate and peaceful holiday experience.